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Burnout's Kryptonite: Navigating Change Crisis and Chaos

Build Rock-Solid Confidence.

3 Simple Tools to Beat Burnout (even in the midst of corona-crisis-fatigue!)


COVID-19 happened. Now what?

Are you struggling with your emotions? Fear? Anger? Anxiety? Worry? 

How often do you feel guilt or regret for not being “present” enough with your loved ones? 

Does it look and sound like you’ve got it together, but you’re secretly dying on the vine? 

Don’t let crisis-fatigue and stress get the best of you – you were built for more.

From tense escape to complete life-overhaul.  From tragedy to triumph. 

“I know what it’s like to be disrespected, disdained, and completely discouraged – while having to take care of everyone and everything else.  I also know what it’s like to find joy, peace, and freedom.  Come get your life back."

With over 10,000 1st Responders trained across the country.  Join certified career resilience coach, Ana-Christina Hicks, as she guides you through this highly impactful and dynamic session. 


Participant Benefits:

Gain three simple tools to beat burnout (even in the midst of corona-crisis-fatigue!)

  • Feel better faster.

  • Instantly think more clearly.

  • How to see, hear and feel God – more closely, congruently, and consistently.


Covid-stress has already cost you too much. 

Build your Rock-Solid Confidence. 

Up Your Game. Raise Your Happy. Get Your Life Back.

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