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Christy Clay 


Christy Clay is a business strategist, quick study and inspired problem solver. The focus of her work is helping organizations to work smarter versus harder as they navigate growth and change.  She has been working with growth-oriented organizations for over 25 years and completed her master’s in management – change leadership in 2014.

Christy serves as a facilitator for strategic planning and organizational effectiveness.  Her philosophy on strategic planning is to Do Less Better, a balanced approach that focuses both on planning and implementation.  Her success stems from her ability to navigate her clients through a variety of disciplines—strategic planning, organizational and operational effectiveness, revenue development and strategic communications—to achieve tangible results. 

Christy’s work in the field inspired Go Give Grace, a new movement designed to improve connection and culture at work.  Raising our awareness around how we show up and treat others, Go Give Grace centers around a practice designed to minimize incivility and maximize productivity.  Her mission is to bring the concept of workplace grace to organizations seeking high standards of engagement, collaboration and trust. Christy delivers on her mission through speaking, interactive workshops, writing and coming soon – Everyday Grace products. It is often said that we teach what we most need to learn, and this is no exception – the practice of grace in the workplace is both important and personal for me. 


Raised in an entrepreneurial household, Christy has owned and operated businesses in the recreation, hospitality and consulting sectors.  Originally from Minnesota, Christy graduated from Colorado State University and happily moved back to Colorado in 2017. 

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