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Lauren Miller M.Ed, CSC, PCC

Lauren is an ICF certified coach and second-degree black belt.


As Google's #1 stress relief expert, award winning author, motivational speaker, HRD trainer, podcast host, and certified sherpa executive coach and life coach, Lauren facilitates fun process driven programs with guidance, support and accountability creating positive behavior change on business (IOB) and personal life.


Through God’s mercy, grace and strength, she uses her experience simultaneously conquering two of life's top stressors: cancer and divorce to help others in an authentic and inspiring way.




Happily remarried and gratefully enjoying life in Colorado with a loving husband, three grown children and a first grandchild, Lauren is often found in the kitchen dancing to her favorite worship music or rolling around on the floor with her two dogs.

Lauren’s Mission Statement: Champion Human Potential in Christ

Equip people and teams globally with mindset skills and sustainable behavioral shifts to de-stress their lives, regain inner clarity of purpose and step into personal and professional fulfilment.

Edge God In Podcast:

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