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Deb Smith

Deb retired from Deloitte after over 10 years as a partner and 24 years in public accounting serving multinational companies in corporate taxation and accounting for income taxes.  Deb spent five years in Deloitte’s National Office in New York providing structuring and due diligence services to premiere merchant banking clients. Deb also managed the Denver Tax practice, approximately 70 people, for over three years.


Following retirement from Deloitte, Deb’s passion has been to provide financial and operational management consulting services to start-ups and non-profits.   Additionally, Deb has put her exceptional organizational skills to work in organizing events for charities such as The Nun Run, a charity race for the Sisters of Life, which will be in its 4th year in October 2018. Deb also organized a one-day conference/retreat for a NY Times best-selling author at the Western National Conference. Deb is currently the CFO for Cynosure Energy LLC, a start-up contract oil and gas operator for a private equity group.


Deb is the Chair of Donor Alliance, the Organ Procurement Organization known by many as “Donate Life”.  She is also the Chair of ENDOW, the Catholic Apostolate educating on the nature and dignity of women.  Deb has also been engaged with Mile High United Way since 2003 as a member of the Women’s Leadership Council and as chair from 2005 to 2012 and a Board Member of Mile High United Way from 2011 to present.  Deb also serves on the board of Colorado Uplift, a non-profit serving at-risk inter-city youth.  Deb previously was the Chair and a commissioner with Serve Colorado, the Governor’s Commission on Community Service. 


Deb is passionate about advancing women in business and was involved in the Women’s Initiative at Deloitte from its inception back in the early 90’s until she retired.  Advancing women into positions of leadership was a key focus for Deb and 3 other Denver business women when they launched The Virtual Xchange (The Vx).  The Vx has focused on helping connect women to the right resources, creating awareness on the benefits of having women on boards and creating opportunities for women to gain board seats.


Deb and her husband Steve have three children ages 25, 24 and 21.  They also own and operate a Christ-Centered gym in Highlands Ranch, CrossFit Divine Mercy Fitness.  Deb and Steve are embarking on a new venture, on-line cookie sales at

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