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The Gender Equality Business Case (Including ROI)

What is the value of having gender equality in your business?


Did you know?


  • Adding just one woman to your board improves profitability by 4%

  • Gender equality would Increase global GDP by $28 trillion or 26% by 2025. $28T is equivalent to the combined Chinese and US economies today. (2015 Mckinzey study)

  • A single mid-level women leaving costs a company between $150 - $200K. (

  • Companies with the most women board directors (WBD) outperform those with the least by 16% on Return on Sales and by 26% on Return on invested capital. (2011 Catalyst Analysis)

  • Those companies with three or more WBD for four of five years, outperformed by 84% on Return on Sales, by 60% on Return on Invested Capital, and by 46% on Return on Equity. (2011 Catalyst Analysis)

  • In terms of innovation, Women make 80% of the buying decisions. So you’re missing the person that understands your customer the most. (The Male Factor)

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