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Grace As a Leadership Tool

As women, we are all leaders in a myriad of capacities, both personally and professionally.  We have the opportunity to truly touch other people’s lives, and in so doing, have our lives impacted as well.  Today, 70% of Americans believe incivility has reached crisis proportions. We say business isn’t personal, but it is. I believe grace is the practice of love at work, and my mission is to inspire others to practice - and lead with - grace.  

This work is personal for me. In pursuit of success, I often found myself responding or reacting in a manner inconsistent with who I believed myself to be.  I would have described myself as kind, caring, a team player, yet when faced with uncomfortable emotions or stress, I too often responded quickly and unconsciously, at times adding to the workplace dysfunction I wished in earnest would change. 


Has this happened to you? Have you had an incivility hangover where later you thought, ‘I should have been kinder, or more patient,’ or, ‘I’m not sure why I responded that way?’ 

Go Give Grace is a solution - a simple, agile practice that facilitates compassion, kindness, curiosity and goodwill. Everyone can learn it, everyone can practice it.  

We will cover:

  • The Rise of Incivility

  • Our Agency, Our Roles

  • Leading using the Practice of Grace

  • Real World Examples & Discussion


Join me in this discussion on the power of grace to increase your impact as a leader. As Maya Angelou said, “they may forget what you said, but they will not forget how you made them feel.”

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