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Kathy Shooster

Kathy is a licensed esthetician with a background in nursing.  As an RN she specialized in neonatal intensive care and pediatrics.  After she married her husband, Don, and had two children, she devoted her time and energy to working in a private school as a health educator and school nurse.  Always passionate about putting her faith in action, she served with her husband on many mission trips, providing humanitarian aid and spiritual care to underserved communities in the former Soviet Union, India, Thailand, Ethiopia and recently, Zimbabwe.


Kathy is also a published songwriter with four solo recording projects widely known among the Messianic Jewish community.  She has taught numerous songwriting workshops and women’s retreats.  She continues to serve as a mentor to young artists in Denver’s Upper Room community.


Her most recent endeavor led her to receive her esthetician license from the College of International Esthetics and she is looking forward to opening her own studio in August 2019 where she will pamper clients with much deserved self care and relaxation.


Kathy’s hobbies include scuba diving, hiking and traveling

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