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Kristin Bettner-Wright


Kristin Wright-Bettner is an analytical linguist by day and advocate for biblical gender equality by night. A researcher at CU Boulder in the field of computational semantics, her favorite project to-date involved analyzing Minecraft dialogue data with the goal of developing robot builders and architects that can communicate in English. (Who knew work meetings could be fun?)


By providing a deeper understanding of the language used in Scripture, Kristin's professional work has helped prepare her for her other main passion: advocating within Christian communities for fully-shared leadership by men and women in the home and church. Kristin believes that, far from being a "secondary" issue, the restoration of this Creation-rooted partnership is crucial for the maturity of the Church and the advancement of Christ's Kingdom. Years of dialogue with church leaders and laypeople alike have convinced her that this hot-button topic can be approached with fearless joy, deep love, and a light touch born out of unyielding conviction.


Kristin lives in Lafayette, Colorado with her husband of 15 years, Corydon Wright-Bettner. She enjoys half-marathons, country line dancing, board games, pretending to be a mountain biker, and the wild adventure of learning to walk with the Spirit.

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