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Phoenix Jackson is a small business owner of a marketing, communications and public relations firm in Denver, CO called Phoenix Affect. With her company for over 12 years she has worked with the likes of celebrities, pro athletes, politicians, small and large organizations helping them create their brand and public face to help them succeed. Now 32, at 26, she was also one of the youngest Adjunct Faculty at the University of Denver’s historic Colorado Women’s College and the former Executive Director of the Dance to Live Health Initiative. Currently alongside of operating Phoenix Affect with her small team she is also the Client Relations Strategist of 9News/KUSA in Denver.


As one who has worked directly with women one on one and in the classroom, she knows the importance of teaching mental health and wellness and most of all self-awareness. She has woven those teachings in a book about spirituality and business development called The Spirit of Business which is being launched to the public March 2018 with pre-sale copies available online at .  


She has public speaking and journalistic skills, but most importantly she is a spiritivational speaker. While in the process of publishing her upcoming book Spirit of Business she is engaging in public speaking engagements and motivational speaking to individuals of all age groups, gender, and socioeconomic stature. She spoke at her first TEDx event October 27, 2016 in Denver, Colorado – properly titled “Spirit of the Moment.”

She has been a part of creating and shaping many cultural, educational and health based local, national and international organizations such as the Helping Boys Thrive Summit, the Gurian Institute, Judaism Your Way, Healthier Beginnings, the Carson J Spencer Foundation, Invisible Disabilities and more. Phoenix has won numerous local and national awards for her work in community and business-related work within social entrepreneurship and youth development.


Phoenix also has a division to educate business leaders and influencers called Phoenix Affect University. PAU was created to teach and train entrepreneurs or continued learners many skills from starting a business, communications/social media standards, how to communicate and market to millennials to DIY public relations.


Phoenix resides in Denver, CO and aside of her personal journey in entrepreneurship, she is a part of various political and business affiliate organizations. She spends a great deal writing, traveling and spending time with her son Ausar.

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