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The Enneagram: A Trail Guide to Growth


The path to growth can be a tricky one, can’t it? Sure, sometimes the trail is well-marked and easy to navigate. But other times, you go in circles, get lost, feel stuck, or just plow ahead even when you’re not sure you’re heading in the right direction. In moments like those, it helps to have a trail guide in your pack.


For many people, the Enneagram is just that—a helpful trail guide. More than your run-of-the-mill personality assessment, the Enneagram can provide an accurate, detailed, and unflinching map of your inner landscape. It charts temperament and typical response patterns, yes. But it also explores underlying motivations, fears and desires. It points out the pitfalls you’re likely to encounter and the detours most likely to pull you off course.


In addition, discovering and exploring your Enneagram type provides a map to the way forward, giving clear direction on how you can move toward health and growth. The understanding you gain about yourself can open up fresh conversations with God, and create a greater openness to cooperating with God’s redemptive work in your heart, your relationships, and your work.


This workshop will provide an introduction to the overall structure of the Enneagram and all nine Enneagram types. In the process, it may well provide you with a trail guide that you can use as you walk with God on your own path to growth.

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