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Vicki Finney

Vicki Finney is the Founder and Owner of Marketplace R.O.C.K., a forerunner in marketplace prophetic intercession.  Based in Colorado, Vicki and her teams work with local, national and international business owners to seek God’s plans and strategies for their lives and businesses.  


By bringing God into his rightful position in the marketplace, and by maintaining an open dialogue with Him, they have been witness to the power of partnering with the King of kings and the Lord of lords in the global business realm.   Vicki, and her team of prophetic intercessors, concentrate on focused intercession for their clients, which leads to specific revelation and strategies from God, biblical wisdom, and fosters a supportive environment to help clients maintain God’s kingdom business principles in a world contrary to biblical thought and teachings.

After 25 years in the corporate world, including 17 years in the field of architecture, the frustrations of the daily grind left Vicki wondering “Is this all there is?”  Clearly hearing from God after receiving a cancer diagnosis, He showed her how to do more than just survive the trials of multiple rounds with “the Big C”; and then He showed her Who The Big C (Christ) really is.  During this time, God’s relentless pursuit of relationship with her showed her His love and His heart – not just for her, but for everyone, including how He wanted to be deeply involved with people in the business world.  Through “conversations” with God, He led her to birth Marketplace R.O.C.K. as a precursor to His kingdom being firmly established on earth as it is in heaven.  Now Vicki’s passion is to guide people into the fullness of who God has created them to be through revealing, expanding, and deepening their relationship with the Holy Spirit, Jesus and Father God.


The Lord uses Vicki to release encouragement to individuals as she often participates in prophetic ministry teams, dream interpretation groups, and prayer teams in both the church and secular settings.  God led her to teach on Spiritual Gifts (vs. Fruit of the Spirit) and the Five-Fold Ministry at a women’s conference, after which He opened the door to new audiences through having her record a podcast with Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs titled “KDE Podcast 115: God’s Plans Are Out Of The Box.”  Every year God reveals more and more about the power and authority He has given the body of Christ.  In greater and greater depth, He shows His Bride how to partner with Him by using the tool of prayer to bring about His will...not just for the future, but for right now.

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