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The Lord has made it very clear to Virginia that work was His ‘good idea’ from the beginning, before sin was even introduced into creation. We are all Gods ambassadors, regardless of where we find ourselves and our lot in life.  There is nowhere in scripture that says it is good to separate your spiritual life from your professional life. This is an area where God wants to heal us and a revival can grow out of it.


What would our lives look like if our boss or co-worker or we ourselves were there to help teach and promote Godly principles, give life giving encouragement to one another and to promote the good news-that God’s grace is enough, even in business?


Originally from Palm Springs Ca, she moved to CO 20 years ago. She and her husband Andrew of the last 3 years live in Westminster, CO attend ThornCreek Church and enjoy hiking 14er’s, trail running, serving and worshipping the Lord together.

Virginia Stees


Virginia Stees is a true ”Jane of all trades”. With over 22 years of sales experience, she is well versed in what it means to work in the secular marketplace. Her work experience is just as varied. She is currently an Account Executive with Salem Media Group, a leader in Christian and Conservative Media, in Aurora, CO.


She has worked in management positions in male dominate industries like manufacturing and lumber yard sales for decades.


After 20 years of making a ‘successful’ career in sales, Virginia began to ask the Lord if this was what she was really supposed to be doing with her time and talents. Life felt fragmented to Virginia. She had always known that the Lord had given her a special passion and a gift for teaching and sharing the gospel with others at church.


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