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Ana-Christina Hicks

Not sure about you, but have you ever felt like, “I’ve helped all these people today, but I’m dying inside”?


As I was looking in the bathroom mirror, with my heart feeling shattered and crushed, I remember hearing myself say, “This will never happen again.  I am going to get my life back.”


Get the tools. Use the tools. Rock your confidence.


Using her unlikely construction management background and lessons from a harrowing escape from a remote Alaskan island, Ana-Christina equips participants with real-life, usable tools.  Less stress.  Reset quicker.  More Energy.   This Construction-Manager-turned-Career Resilience Coach moved from building homes to building Radically Resilient professionals. 



Ana-Christina has had the privilege to speak to a wild variety of audiences such as The U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Navy, Buckley Air Force Base, NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance), Department of Justice, Davita, Kaiser Permanente, Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Network, HBA – Professional Women in Building, A.G. Wassennar Engineering, National Park Service, 19th Judicial District. Rocky Mountain Hostage Negotiators, Colorado Women in Law Enforcement, NOVA – National Organization for Victim Assistance, COVA - Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance, Rocky Mountain Police Chaplains, Wyoming Sexual Assault Summit, The Potter’s House of Denver, Rocky Mountain Police Chaplains and Kaiser Permanente. 

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