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Cowgirl Up! A Woman's Guide to Navigating the Corporate Frontier

Are you successful in spite of who you are or because of it?

Do you feel isolated and bruised in your climb up the corporate ladder?

Do you feel frustrated by the male dominated business climate?

Have you wondered why others get sponsored for the bigger jobs and you don’t?

Do you second-guess your ability to be authentic and yet successful? 

"The book is fabulous. I love the pace, your elegance, the fact that I can HEAR YOU – your voice – in your words.  You are a spectacular communicator. Again, a rare combination with all that math / engineering stuff in your head.  Bold, Badass & Brilliant indeed."

Deb Chromik E4 Enterprise Founder & CEO

Corporate Cowgirl Up CEO and author Wendy Bohling shares career advice in a creative and humorous manner. The reader is inspired to not only survive, but strive in the male-dominated workplace. Weaving her no-nonsense western voice in telling personal anecdotes, women will know they are not alone in their struggle to be bronco busters in their professional and personal lives. Men will gain rare insight to the rough and lonely journey of women as they carve their own unique path in the historically masculine dominated business arena.


Practical insight and memorable stories from interviews with some of the most interesting and authentic female business trailblazers, and gender intelligent male executives, coupled with Wendy’s own 30 years of corporate and startup experience cultivate an innovative and entertaining learning experience.


Use Cowgirl Up strategies to:

  • Identify how to gain credibility when you’re the only woman in the room.

  • Glimpse into the attitudes of the alpha male, and gleam some of their tools and how to make them uniquely your own.

  • Apply male female brain differences to improve your ability to work more complementary with your opposite gender colleagues.

  • Identify your own most important strategies needed to propel you to your next best place


Mid-career women to those just starting out will be motivated and inspired to cowgirl up to their next best place.

Men will gain a unique insight into what it’s like to be the lone professional cowgirl among a corral of cowboys.  


Capture the unique value each gender brings to the business world on our journey to becoming gender intelligent teams and leaders.



Wendy Bohling is a thought-leader, corporate consultant on gender intelligence and inclusive leadership, CEO of Corporate Cowgirl Up and author of “Cowgirl Up: A Woman’s Guide to Navigating the Corporate Frontier”.


She has more than 30 years as an executive in the corporate trenches at some of the top telecom Fortune 500 companies and healthcare IT startups. The vast diversity in her professional life has set her up to move to this even bigger work in the world of creating gender equality through an understanding of unconscious bias.

"Cowgirl Up! is the culmination of Wendy Bohling’s career journey to give voice to the challenges faced by women navigating a male-dominated business environment. With a huge heaping dose of strength, sass, personal stories, and sharp wit, Wendy demonstrates that our struggles with inequality need not define who we are and how we respond."

Jean Becker, Managing Director, Accenture


"As the father of a young woman, I believe Cowgirl Up! is an important reference for any woman in today’s corporate environment.  Wendy provides the refreshing perspective of a professional woman navigating the male-dominated business world.   Her recommendations regarding business networking, leadership development, emotional intelligence, and courage are invaluable for any professional, regardless of their gender.  These lessons are delivered through real world stories from Wendy and other female professionals, which makes Cowgirl Up! an engaging and entertaining read.  Wendy's passionate and cheerful approach to helping female professionals achieve success is infectious and highly motivational.  Cowgirl Up, Wendy!"

Tod Baker, Co-Founder and CEO, MDValuate

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