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Keynote Speaking


Wendy Bohling is an engaging and inspirational speaker able to connect with a group of five to fifteen hundred. She pushes audiences to rethink their status quo, inspiring them to push their boundaries. As an extroverted engineer, she is especially effective with mixed gender and female audiences of male-dominated industries.


In addition to keynote presentations showcasing the concepts from

Corporate Cowgirl Up! A Woman’s Guide to Navigating the Corporate Frontier,

Wendy and her team deliver a wide range of gender intelligence and

leadership topics.


The following are just a few of the sessions:


  • Be the Trail Boss of Your Career

  • Gender Intelligence Eats Culture for Breakfast:

The Five Steps to Becoming a Gender Smart Leader 

  • Cowgirl Communication in a Cowboy World

  • The Unbiased Gender Lens: Busting Bias in Your Organization

  • Locking Down Your Female A-Players

  • Gender Intelligent  Networking

  • Gender Intelligent Negotiating –

How Men and Women Negotiate Differently

  • Power Networking for Introverts

  • Engineering Passion in Your Life

  • Engineering Life Integration

  • Gender Intelligent Communication Skills (for women) (for men)

  • You’ve Got the Power (for women)


Your attendees will leave your event with actionable steps and the tools to move the dial in your organization immediately.

We are always adding topics. We would love to work with you to customize a topic to fit your specific needs. 









Workshops with the Corporate Cowgirl

Cowgirl Up! is available as a powerful workshop experience. Seasoned Corporate Cowgirl

Up facilitators will partner with you throughout the planning process to ensure that the

workshop supports your strategic priorities.


The ability in your business to leverage, build, and retain exceptional leaders is the single

biggest key to meeting your strategic objectives. Baseline your current leadership

development process with our Mind the Gap™ leadership assessment.


Our team will work with you to develop a customized leadership training plan to attack

those areas holding you back. Gain insightful gender intelligence leadership training to

take your team to the next level of financial and innovation results.


Participant Benefits:

•Articulate why gender-intelligent culture matters – business and professional

 development impact.

•Apply the Mind the Gap™ assessment to diagnose the health of your organization

or your talent development program.

•Detailed strategic plan to develop and manage your organization initiatives.


Target Audience:

  • Association Conferences and Meetings

  • Executive Leadership Development Programs

  • High Performance Female Talent Retention Programs

  • Corporate Women’s Conferences (tech and male-dominated industries)

  • Leadership Retreats and Summits

  • Leaders and Employees Professional Coaching

As a male and a manager (and the dad of a daughter!), I thought it wise for me to attend one of Wendy’s Gender Intelligence Negotiating workshops. Wendy was engaging and knows her stuff. I ended up being a participant in her interactive sessions in front of the class. I found myself open to new ideas and used some techniques that I wouldn’t normally get to use in real situations since it was for ‘play,’ This allowed me to stretch myself. Wendy guided the discussions after the interactive sessions in a skillful manner - allowing attendees to come to their own conclusions without being lectured to. She was a consummate educator allowing the audience to gain insights on their own and providing a push when needed to help us make new connections for how gender issues play out in the workplace. I recommend people have her speak to their groups or for people working in mixed gender workplaces to attend her session. 

“From the first sentence that came out of her mouth, I knew Wendy Bohling was not going to be the typical “females in the corporate world” speaker.  She brought a very unique perspective by combining anecdotes from her 30+ years of experience in the male-dominated corporate world with tools and tactics to help women achieve success. Her delivery was engaging and truly effortless – it felt like I was listening to a comedian at times.  In the past when I’ve attended similar seminars, it often seemed like the speakers were more interested in talking about themselves then translating their experiences into tools and actions.  Wendy’s presentation was very refreshing, energetic and often times hysterical!  I have already started using her tools in my day-to-day interactions, both professionally and personally.”

Amy Bleefeld- ARRIS

Don Poe - People Productions, 2016

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