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Stride Forward with Grit and Grace:

Four Keys to Stop Striving and Start Striding

  • Does your need to be “practically perfect in every way” threaten your performance, zap productivity’s joy, or steal from your success?

  • What do you do with fear of disappointment, failure, or not measuring up?

  • Ever feel like you can’t gut it out one more day?

  • To strive is to struggle, fight, and battle forward. Wouldn’t it be better to stride?

Author and speaker Paula Moldenhauer knows what it’s like to live the steaming, about-to-burst, pressure-cooker lifestyle. She got really good at gritting her teeth, slapping on a smile, and fighting for success. But her ceaseless striving for perfection, performance, and people-pleasing almost destroyed her. Thank God He stepped in with His grit and grace and taught her a better way—a way she can’t wait to share with you! It not about giving up the vigorous pursuit of our goals; it's about giving up on gutting it out.

Come on now. It’s time you stopped striving and started striding.

Take a nice long step into grit and grace.



  • How to access your grit without gritting your teeth

  • The best way to face your FLAWs

  • Truth links that set you free to flourish

  • The empowerment of a gracious grace

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