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Holly Forlenza is unable to speak, diagnosed at age 2 with “severe mental retardation”, yet miraculously at the age of 22, broke the veil of silence by communicating with a keyboard and iPad, laboriously pecking one letter at a time.


Holly wrote an anthem of love in a song she titled, God Will Sing You Home.


In addition, Holly published a book titled, Just Because I Can’t Talk Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Have Anything To Say. Holly’s next book, an autobiography, will be released in 2020.


Holly is now giving voice to the voiceless, promoting a message of love, kindness and inclusivity.




Eileen Forlenza is Holly’s mother. Eileen is a motivational speaker, leader and performer recognized nationally for her work on self empowerment and leadership.


Inspiring audiences for over twenty years, Eileen now partners with her daughter Holly to share a powerful message of perseverance and never ending love.


In recognition of her achievements, Eileen received a personal invitation from the White House by President Obama in July 2010, and was also awarded the prestigious Woman of the Year Award from the National Association of Professional Women.

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