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Kelly Shea

Kelly Shea has spent 30 years in value added agriculture, working for companies such as WhiteWave Foods, Danone, Minnesota Trade Office and Northland Seed and Grain. This front row seat on legislation, policy and practices around the farming and food systems has led her to focus on the links between business and communities, soil health and human health, animal welfare and farm worker welfare.  Shea believes that a return to stewarding God's creation and farming to sequester carbon will improve the environmental and physical health of nations and our farming and rural communities.    


Shea has advised leaders and served on many Boards throughout her career including the Farm Foundation, the USDA Foreign Agriculture Services' Trade Advisory, Foundation Sponsors Board of FFA, the Organic Materials Review Institute, Soy Foods Association of North America, the Organic Trade Association, and The Non-GMO Project. 


Shea founded the The Mejeure Foundation, a creative force for improving climate and communities through faith and farming.  She travels the world seeding projects to promote local soil healing agriculture and seed saving.  Whether in her home state of Colorado or traveling the world, family is first. Shea enjoys the battle of wits with her two adult sons and and her extensive collection of books and vinyl.

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