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 What is the value of Gender Equality in your business? 

Business impact through gender intelligence.  

What are you leaving on the table?

Corporate Cowgirl Up is an education and consulting service supporting companies in their race to realize the benefits of a gender intelligent workplace.  Are you beating your competition in your ability to attract and retain exceptional female talent?  Are you suffering from group think? CEO’s looking to capture the financial benefits from increased innovation, and female talent retention shouldn’t waste one more day before reaching out to Corporate Cowgirl Up for help.

- Be Bold! Be Badass! Be Brilliant!

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2022 Not Just a Rib Conference for
Working Women with Faith
This year's conference has been cancelled due to the impact of the 12/30/21 marshall fires!
Sat Apr 9, 2022


Corporate Cowgirl Coaching

for Leaders in Transition

Your Trail Boss: Wendy Bohling

A word from our clients...

“ Wendy is a fantastic speaker -- energetic, engaging and inspirational. She shared her extensive background and experiences with the class, providing invaluable guidance mixed with humor and authenticity. The students were motivated and felt confident about transitioning from college to career. Wendy is a gem! ”

 Juli, Director of Product

 Major Organics Farm to Door Company 

As an introvert working in a world of extroverts, Wendy is the type of extrovert who gives you energy, not the type who leaves you drained. 

 CEO Healthcare Consulting Company 

From the first sentence that came out of her mouth, I knew Wendy Bohling was not going to be the typical “females in the corporate world” speaker.  She brought a very unique perspective to this topic by combining anecdotes from her 30+ years of experience in the male-dominated corporate world with teaching of tools and tactics to help women achieve success.  


Her delivery was engaging and truly effortless – it felt like I was listening to a comedian at times. 

Amy Bleefeld, Director Business Operations ARRIS

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